You are required to complete the on-line VIA survey for discussion in class. For this…

More Details: You are to the on-line VIA for in . For this self-assessment task please reflect on when you have used three of your top 5-7 VIA strengths. Often, we revert to thinking about how we can improve our weaknesses, as we discussed in week 1 – this assessment is about what motivates you, when you are feeling good. You are required to upload a copy of your VIA Survey results – all 24 strengths, in English, and a short 300-word reflection on when you used three of your top 5- 7 strengths over the last 3 weeks. Think about how using your strengths made you feel and if you use these strengths regularly. We have discussed similar concepts in , you might like to use these as a point of reference. Stay within two sides of a page double spaced for your reflection and attach your strengths list so that you upload one document. Upload your self-assessment in a PDF format. Also remember to proof read your work. References are not necessary, however if you include definitions or other people’s ideas these must be referenced.  Files: Assignmt-wk7.pdf

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