Write 4 pages with APA style on The role of fashion. The essay “The role of fashion”…

More Details: 4 with APA on The role of . The “The role of ” discovers the role of . The denotative meaning is also called a principle meaning. Using this perspective, clothes is defined as the protection of our body. However, this level of understanding does not reveal the clothing’s fundamental function in a culture. At the connotative level, is interpreted at a secondary level significant and important within a social and cultural convention. Semiotics plays an important role in visual rhetoric. The signs or codes are transferred from actual conversations (based on intuitive understand developed within the culture). These signs or codes are transferred into actual conversations based on these intuitive understanding that developed within a culture. Society is influential in establishing an individual’s identity through social constructs. What people wear and how we are wearing clothes should not affect the decision and preferences we have. Rather, it should become the basis for constructing the individual’s understanding of a belief within the society. Our choice of clothes, then, is not affected by a decision or a choice made by the individual. Rather, it depends on how he understands and believes in what the society dictates. , then, identifies and constructs one’s identity by using semiotics that developed within a culture. can also behave as a tool for non-verbal communication in different ways. This includes ’s role of suggesting one’s expression, political view.

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