what extent do you agree or disagree

Requirements:1. To what do you or with this statement? Write a short paragraph toargue your position. Use one real-life example to support your argument.“ICT students should focus on improving their technical skills during their study rather thansoft skills, for example, interpersonal communication skills. ICT professionals are tasked towrite programs, configure networking equipment, development information systems and/orsolve technical problems. They are not required to communicate with other people as much asbusinesspeople.”(Word limit: 200 words).2. The following is an extract of an attempt to the Report assignment. Read the followingparagraph and complete the tasks below.“Machine learning is an active and exiting field; its applications can be found in variousindustries. 83% of the businesses in Australia have claimed that they have implementedmachine learning applications. This Report will explore the various types of machine learning,its applications in education, e-commerce, transport industry. This Report will also explore theethical, legal and social issues of the application of machine learning to offer personalisedrecommendations on online retail stores (Sun, 2013).”Sun, S. (2013). A review of deterministic approximate inference techniques for Bayesianmachine learning. Neural Computing and Applications, 23(7-8), 2039-2050.a. Find the reference above in the CQU library and read it using a reading strategy orstrategies appropriate to complete task b below.b. Can the information in the paragraph be found in the reference above? Do you thinkthe reference can be used to support the paragraph above? Why or why not? Downloadand read the CQU Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure (formerly knownas the Academic Misconduct Procedure) (the ‘Policy’). Do you think the use of thereference in the paragraph above constitutes academic misconduct? If so, identifywhich form of academic misconduct is this in the lists provided in Section 3.19, 3.25,3.26, and 3.27 of the Policy. (Word limit: 150 words).c. In completing the task above, what reading strategy or strategies have you used? Writea brief reflection on the previous task in relation to any effective reading strategies youapplied. (Word limit: 150 words).

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