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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL LANCASHIREFACULTY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSCHOOL OF COMPUTING, ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCESMP3604 – ADVANCED COMPUTER AIDED DESIGNAssignment 1 – SolidWorks/Surface modellingTHIS ASSIGNMENT FORMS 50% OF THE MARKS FOR THE MODULEYou are required to generate a 3D surface model of an engineering or consumerproduct. The model should be of such complexity as to permit analysis ofSolidWorks EE 2018 as a tool for freeform surface generation. Also, you arerequired to investigate the theoretical basis behind 3D CAD. The model that youcreate must be unique to you and must be agreed with the tutor before youcommence. The tasks to be carried out are as follows:
3D Surface Model: A complexity factor will be allocated to themodel being attempted expressed as a percentage. Thiscomplexity factor is based upon the size of the model and thetypes of features required to model the object accurately.

3D Surface Model: The accuracy and completeness of modeldefinition – is the model defined by the correct surface types?Are all features defined? Is the model well organised with allsketches named accordinglyHave any compromises been made?Percentage awarded x The complexity factor x 0.65
3D Surface Model: As you are constructing your model,analyse and assess SolidWorks as a freeform surfacemodelling system. What are the requirements of such asystem? If you were to start using a new system what toolswould you expect to be there. How does SolidWorks measureup against these criteria? How could SolidWorks be improvedas a surface modelling system?Note: This should not be a step by step description of theconstruction of your model. What is required is analysis andconstruction criticism of SolidWorks.
Analysis: Investigate, analyse and describe the theoreticalbasis behind 3D surface and solid modelling. How does yourinvestigation relate to SolidWorks?
Presentation:• The report should be word-processed• It should be liberally illustrated• Include reference to appropriate sources using theHarvard method


The Key Skills developed in this assignment are:• Communication – clearly written report• Use IT effectively – using CAD and word – processing of the report• Independent learning• Time managementThe following module learning outcomes are addressed in this assignment:• Analyse the requirements for complex 3D CAD model and to build a coherentsolution• Describe and evaluate the theoretical basis behind 3D CAD
Please submit the following:
All of your surface models need to be submitted through theFASTFOLDER system. Failure to do this will be regarded as a nonsubmission
The report – see elements 3 and 4 in the above table
A digital copy via ELearn
IF ANY PROBLEMS ARISE DURING YOUR SUBMISSION you shouldemail your model to and title your email“MP3604 surface assignment”
Note: Information downloaded from the internet must be read, understood,edited and properly referenced when using it in this report.SolidWorks EE must be used for this assignment. All feature names, etc.Must be redefined in English.Include references to appropriate sources using the Harvard Method.Vector Drawings NOT allowed to be used for this assignment .Due to university regulations the assignment main body word count will beset to 2000 words for this work.
SUBMISSION DATE: Monday 16th Dec 4.00pm
PENALTY FOR LATE SUBMISSIONAll assessments submitted late, but within 5 working days of the deadline, will begiven a maximum mark of 40%. Assessment submitted more than 5 working daysafter the deadline will not be marked, and a mark of 0% will be recorded.
SURFACE MODEL EXAMPLESBelow are some examples of the kind of products that would be suitable:
1. 100%
2. 100%
3. 95%
4. 95%
5. 95%
6. 90%
7. 90%
8.8. 100%
11. 95%
12. 95%
13. 80%
14. 80%
16. 70%
17. 85%
18. 85%
19. 90%
20. 100%
21. 85%
22. 100%
23. 75%
24. 95%
25. 100%
26. 75%
27. 80%
28. 80%
29. 60%
30. 80%
31. 65%
32. 85%
33. 85%

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