Interview for a Human Service Agency

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Final Report:

Your Final report is to interview an individual in a human service agency which interests you professionally. the purpose of the interview is to gain information from Human service professional. You will write a paper based on the interview that responds to the questions below. The paper will be a minimum of 3 pages and not more than 6 and must be written in an APA 6th edition format.You are expected to cover the following :
1- Name of Agency
2- Type of Human service offered
3- Your Interest in the type of service
4- Who did you Interview? Include the following:
a) Name
b) title
c) How long in the field of human services
d) length of time at current agency
e) level of education
f) type of training completed related to current position
g) is this type of work a permanent part their life work
5- Discuss what the individuals likes and dislikes about their work. Think in terms of policies, current trends towards the population served, legal issues, ethical issues etc.
6- what would your interviewee change in terms of the service delivery if anything.
7- what does the interviewee see as most important in their work and most effective in terms of the service delivery
8- Summarize your thoughts on the interview and the individual as a human service professional.
Additional Points you may want to address in your paper
>Why you interviewed this person (how did you connect and what motivated you to interview)
>Most surprising thing you learned from the interview
>Most interesting thing you learned from the interview.
>Something your interviewee told you that you already knew
>Significant Quotes from the interview and what they mean in the context of your paper
>Any other specific information from the interview that you would like to relate.

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