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1. Is it ok to cite the classroom /mentor in the concept map?  Or should school references be contained to public websites/written docs like annual reports etc?
2. The instructions state that our 5 concepts form the basis of five we will ask our mentor.  Is it ok to have more than 5 ?  Ie some of my naturally lead to other .  And some of my subconcepts create their own too. 
Im assuming that our questions get encorporated into our annotations within the concept map?
Lecturer response: You only cite reputable documents/websites, not personal communications. Even if you have more than 5 questions, make sure that you let us know which five you want us to mark – put them in a different colour or size – because we are grading you on the criticality of your questions. Some students put their 5 questions around the edges of the concept map in a different font, but linked to the relevant concept – that seems to work nicely.
Hey! Whose smart and tech savvy?
How do I get my CMAP and concepts (word doc) into one document?
I tried to export it but my only option is as an image and then it opens in some weird app that I didn’t know I had and can’t copy it!
Can we submit this assignments as 2 documents somehow? How is everyone else getting theirs in 1 document?
Teacher Response
Hi, don’t put them in the same document if you don’t want to. You can load any number of documents and we can see them. If you load an old version of your assignment by mistake, for example, you can upload a newer version as well with a note to us to tell us which one to mark. If the system doesn’t work well for any reason, email me to let me know – I’m very reasonable about technical glitches with Blackboard because I have experienced them myself. It’s not perfect ?
From what I have seen most people make their concept map and then download it as a PDF file.
You could then in word have your 5 concepts, some students have used the questions we develop to structure their answers.
It really depends on your style.
Student Question
I want to fill in the tables in a way that they show strengths and things i can build on with the students, not from a ‘diagnosis’ perspective. I have been to my placement school and met with students briefly and spoken with my mentor. It is a very diverse class in a Catholic Primary school in a regional area. Foundation – Grade 2. 19 students. Just some of the ‘diagnosis’ in the class are Autism (3 students), CAS, Epilepsy and ADHD.
My concern is i don’t know the students yet. I’m really looking forward to the learning i will get from this placement, but i don’t feel until after the placement i would be able to write the context table from a point of view of strengths. Is this OK? i don’t want to be negative or in someway marked down as i can’t see the ways ill be able to build on strengths yet, as they are all individuals.
Teacher Response
I think you should acknowledge these students as they’re an important part of your class.
In your concept map you could even use this as a point on your concept map. I.e. you might ask How can I make numeracy learning accessible using mixed-ability grouping (or other strategy) for all learners’ in my classroom?
That’s super important as you can use this for your portfolio to show that you have recognised the diversity in your class, and how to engage them accordingly.
Student Question?
1. Is it acceptable to use dot points in the annotations?  That is, a series or list of statements/explanations/quotations/evidence under the concept heading?  Or is it supposed to be a nice cohesive paragraph/sentence or two as we might write in an essay?
2. My school is Lutheran.  The school website states that Christian faith ‘underpins all we are and all we do’ and so it is clearly critical to teaching and learning within the school.  Having said this, do you think it would be remiss of me NOT to use this as a main concept?  Because I am struggling to find much in the literature to pad it out.  Maybe im looking in the wrong spots, but religion in schools seems to be discussed mainly in contexts of spiritual diversity/accepting difference etc (which could arguably become a sub-concept i know).  But I am wondering if instead i could have a main concept like ‘whole person’ or ‘student wellbeing’  (ie the nurturing of physical/emotional/social/spiritual needs – this is also spoken about on the website) and then make links to Christianity/the lutheran foundations etc as a subconcept of this?  Are you able to offer advice?  Not sure which way to flip it.  Or maybe it doesnt matter?
3. FInally, my school is a relatively small P-12 school on the one site.  Although ill be in the primary school dept, am i required to include programs/initiatives from the secondary dept on Context Table 1?  (since  Context table 1 is about the whole school?  Or does ‘whole school’ just refer to the primary section in this case?)
Teacher response:
My advice is to write more of an essay format than bullet points.
You don’t need to make religion a concept, even you are placed in a religious school – religion has  an interesting history with education in Victoria but that’s too large an issue for this assignment, I suspect.
Just refer to the primary school initiatives, the secondary school side isn’t sufficiently relevant.  (BROTHER KEEP IN MIND IM ONLY DOING PRIMARY TEACHING LEVEL 0-6 NOT HIGH SCHOOL)
I am giving some serious thought to my concept map and I am starting to develop some ideas for the content I want to include and how it should be presented. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to use Prezi as a way to present the concept map? 
stick to what is suggested in the Guide to creating a Concept Map.pdf in our resources for the assignment, which is CMAP
You can customise colours, line types, etc.
This is a low resolution image of how it turned out.
The only tricky thing I found was sometimes the arrows on line mis-behave, so to fix go into the line options by right clicking on the line, then “Line…”:
You can change the connection directions, and try the different arrowheads arrangments to get what you need.  Here is also where you can customise the shape of the line to add more curvature points to make the curl of you line go where you need.
All the best.
Prezi does not have a a concept map feature as you had included, but it somewhat works in a similar way. It is more like a PowerPoint Presentation but you can develop a concept over a series of links/connections to images or a sequence of thought bubbles. This example is one of many way people have used Prezi to present an idea. 
However, I am going to have a go at your suggestions and see how I fair. I am not as technologically inclined as I would like to be. 
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