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Kate aged 65, is a retired nurse. About five years after she retired she moved to Adelaide to live with her son. Kate has lived a moderately active and fairly independent life. She has a nanny flat behind her son’s home, with her own bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and entrance. Her rooms adjoin the family room so she is integrated into the household but also perceives herself as independent. Her son is 45 years old and was divorced twice. He is a manager at a local business and has responsibility for South Australia region. Although he has some control over his travel schedule, he often has to be away from home for days at a time.Kate’s daughter lives in Victoria with her husband and their two daughters. Kate and her daughter are estranged and have not spoken to each other in more than fourteen years. Kate’s son has unsuccessfully tried many times to reunite his mother and her sister.Even though Kate has worked her whole life, she managed to save little because she has been a single mother for more than two decades and had to take care of her children’s education and other needs.  Recently she received a letter from Centrelink stating that her aged pension needs to be reviewed and she has to be prepared to work either as a volunteer or as a part-timer. Kate is mentally not prepared to go back to work again and is feeling vulnerable and worried. Her son is not in a position to financially support her and also is too busy to spend adequate time with her.Questions:What are the developmental issues Kate is going through from Erikson’s Integrity Vs Despair theoretical perspectives? How will you help Kate to cope with the challenges she has been experiencing in life?

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