sampling method did they use,

Paper 1: Lam, T., Liang, W., Chikritzhs, T., & Allsop, S. (2014). Alcohol and other drug use at school leavers’ celebrations. Journal of Public Health, 36(3), 408-416.Retrieved from: the Lam et. al. (2014) research article and answer the following questions:1. This paper presents two hypotheses. State the null and alternative hypothesis for each one, and describe the independent and dependent variables for each hypothesis.2. What kind of did they use, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting participants in this way?3. What are the demographic characteristics of the people in the sample? Explain by referring to the descriptive statistics reported in the paper.4. What inferential statistics were used to analyse data in this study, and why?5. What is the odds ratio for engaging in unprotected sex (compared with those who engaged in safety strategies with the greatest frequency)? Interpret this by explaining what the odds ratio is telling us, including any variables that were controlled for in the model.6. How representative do you think the sample is of the national population of schoolies? Explain why.

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