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In this assessment task you are required to select a topic for your research project from the list of research areas/topics provided below: 
•Biometrics for authentication: security and privacy implications•Security and privacy issues in Internet of Things (IoT) /Smart Architectures•Security threats in cloud computing and preventive methods•Security issues in Software Defined Networks (SDN)•Denial of and distributed denial of attacks•Investigating security of Blockchain enabled applications•Malware: past, present and future•Employee privacy and email, WWW, and instant messaging•Wireless Network security and preventive techniques•Security threats related to BYOD devices and countermeasures•Cryptographic techniques•Data Exfiltration techniques 
In this assessment, you are required to submit the title and an abstract for your selected research project. The abstract will provide an overview of your selected topic, along with key securtiy challenges in that area and why you have selected this to be your area of research. At the end of the submission, you should have “Reference” section that will have a maximum of two articles (at least one journal article) used to build your discussion for this abstract.
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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
be able to justify security goals and the importance of maintaining the secure computing environment against digital threats.
be able to explain the fundamental concepts of cryptographic algorithms.
be able to examine malicious activities that may affect the security of a computer program and justify the choice of various controls to mitigate threats.
be able to compare and contrast the security mechanisms of a trusted operating system with those used in a general purpose operating system.
be able to investigate and justify the use of the access control mechanisms and user authentication processes.
be able to compare and contrast foundational security policies and models that deal with integrity and confidentiality.

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