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115346 GOVERNANCE PORTFOLIO AND PROGRAM MANAGEMENTPre- 10%The intent of this is to ensure that:Please do the following to complete this :1. Read two of the following readings posted for this subject in the UTS library’s ereadings:• Driver, R. (2014). Projects, results, uses and benefits (PRUB) and OpenStrategies,In Validating strategies: Linking projects to results to uses and benefits, Gower,Farnham, and Surrey, 21-54.• Marnewick, C. (2018) Strategic alignment of programmes and projects, in Realizingstrategy through projects: the executive’s guide, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 25-41.• Raju, R. (2010). How to align projects with strategic vision, in Hossenlopp, R. (Eds.),Organizational project management: Linking strategy to results, ManagementConcepts, Vienna, VA, 35-52.2. Read Chapters 1 and 4 from the Cambridge Handbook of Organizational ProjectManagement posted in the folder titled Reading from OPM book on UTS online forthis subject. Read the journal article by Muller, Drouin & Sankaran (2019) titled‘Modelling Organizational Project Management posted in the UTS library’s ereadings.3. Analyse and critique how these authors, whose readings you selected, havesuggested to align organizational strategies with projects. What are the relativestrengths and weaknesses of each approach? What is missing from the processessuggested by these authors in meeting the requirements of Organizational ProjectManagement?Guidelines for formatting and submission:All papers to be submitted in word (.doc or docx) or rich text (.rtf) format (not pdf).Assignments are to be submitted by posting them into the relevant drop box in theAssignments Folder on UTS Online by the due date stated in the subject outline.Word Length:The maximum word length for the is 1000 words excluding an executivesummary or abstract and list of references. Please limit the maximum number ofpages to two A4 sheets excluding the coversheet.2Each should be clearly labelled using the following steps:• Title page – name and number of subject, your name, student number andsubmission date (Use a simple title page without any graphics to keep file size low).The cover sheet should include a declaration that this is your original work andsigned and dated.• Numbered pages .e.g.1/15• Name and number of subject, your name and student number in the footer of everypage• 11 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman font, leave reasonable margin aroundsheet (15-25 mm).• Titles should be of larger font bold; use maximum 3 levels of headings.• All tables and diagrams should be imported into Word format and fit within page andbe clear and useful for comprehension.• files must be labelled as follows:Family name -First Name -15346- 1 – dd-mm-yy.Submission date:Please refer to the subject outline posted in subject documents on UTS online. Youshould retain a copy of your so that it can be used as a backup ifneeded.Marking CriteriaMarks will be allocated to reflect:o Ability to effectively use written communication in projects at a professional level(Written Communication) (C.2) – 50%o Ability to think critically and synthesize complex data (Critical Engagement) (R.1) –50%
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