TOPIC – OF INDUSTRY1.TITLE2.INTRODUCTION3.BACKGROUND& STATEMENT OF PROBLEM4.RESEARCH QUESTION5.DATA COLLECTION METHODS & INSTRUMENTS6.RESOURCESWORDS –1,500 WORDSI have to submit a research proposalfor 1,500 wordsand not an actual research. This mustfocus more on why I am choosing this not directly on the topic. A basic proposal for researchon the topic Outsourcing of accounting industry. I do not have a criteria as such as this is the first phase. What I have done as research is mentioned below and would like something close to the below mentioned points.1.The accounting industry is outsourced to some accounting firm and these firms are outsourcing to the low labour cost countries.2.Benefits of this for the companies opting to outsourcing the accountingindustry3.Implication in the future& the risk associated with it.4.Benefits for the low labour costing countries.5.Why is topic chosen, as it is boomingnow-a-days in every country.

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