MN621 Advanced Network Design

Prepared by: Dr Sanjeeb Shrestha & A/Prof Savitri Bevinakoppa Moderated by: Dr Ammar Alazab July, 2019
Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Unit Code

Unit Title

Assessment Type
Assignment 1 T2 2019 Individual
Assessment Title
Network requirement analysis and plan
Purpose of theassessment (withULO Mapping)
This assignment is designed to assess students’ knowledge and skills related to thefollowing learning outcomes:b. Investigate suitable network designs to match requirements;c. Create appropriate frameworks and standards for networkimplementation;
15% of the total assessments
Total Marks
35 * (factor of) individual demonstration marks 20
Word limit
Due Date
Week 8, 8/9/ 2019, Submit on the Moodle Shell.
 All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a Title Page. The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) fontand 2.54 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate sectionheadings. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.
 If an extension of time to submit work is required, a Special ConsiderationApplication must be submitted directly to AMS. You must submit this applicationthree working days before the due date of the assignment. Further informationis available at:
 Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of thecase, penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion fromthe course or rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiarwith the full policy and procedure available at For further information, please refer tothe Academic Integrity Section in your Unit Description.
MN621 Advanced Network Design Trimester 2, 2019 P a g e | 2Prepared by: Dr Sanjeeb Shrestha & A/Prof Savitri Bevinakoppa Moderated by: Dr Ammar Alazab July, 2019Marks for assignment 1 will be calculated as follows:Individual assignment 1 marks = marks obtained for individual submitted report * demonstrationmarks/25For example:Student X gets 28/35 marks for individual submitted report 15/20 marks for individual demonstration in week 5, 6 and 7Total marks for student X out of 35 = 28 * 15/20 = 28 * 0.75 = 21/35Assignment DescriptionCase study scenario: Use an industry case study of your PBL exerciseProject Scope: Write project scope herewith.Report requirements: The report should have a detail explanation of the planning and designing of anetwork. It is recommended that bullet points are included whenever necessary. Use your Problem BasedLearning (PBL) tutorial findings.1. Project Scope and requirements
Attach evidence of an industry visit as an appendix A: Industry visit evidenceInclude points that you have gathered from an industry professional on their existingnetwork.
2. Network design and justification

Draw a network design that you think will be useful in future for the industry that you havevisited. Netwrok should include the following requirements as a miminum:
o 4 routerso 6 switcheso 20 PCs

Suitable IP addressing scheme in tabular form (assume as many hosts as necessary for eachdepartment).Indicate where do you use static routing, dynamic routing protocols (name the protocols,RIP, EIGRP, OSPF etc.), Access Control List (ACL) as per the network preferences. Justify your

3. Network configurationConfigure your network using Packet Tracer. Write report on
Packet Tracer Network diagram – Copy diagram from your simulatorSwitch configurationRouter configuration
Host configurationAccess point and server configuration guidelines.
4. Timeline and Budget estimationThis section should include the followings:
Hardware requirements with the specification with costsHuman resources and logistics

Tentative timeline specifications.
5. Demonstration
Individual demonstration of packet tracer in Week 7.Mandotory to demonstrate work-in-progress demonstration in week 5 and 6.
MN621 Advanced Network Design Trimester 2, 2019 P a g e | 3Prepared by: Dr Sanjeeb Shrestha & A/Prof Savitri Bevinakoppa Moderated by: Dr Ammar Alazab July, 2019Marking CriteriaThe following tentative marking criteria will be followed for the assignment.
Section to be included inthe report
Description of the section
Project Scope andrequirements
Outline of the report (in 3-4 sentences), and briefly discussthe requirements (not more than 10-12 sentences).
Network design andjustification
Network topologydiagram andimplementation
commands are for the dynamic routingprotocol used for the configuration, thefollowing commands for VLANs, creatingtrunk links, static routes, etc. Connectivity testing ping snapshots.
Timeline and Budgetestimation
ports – Type of the cables – Name of theserver, PC with specification such asoperating system, RAM, hard disk, etc.
Well comprehended summary.
Reference style
IEEE reference style.
Total Marks
 Well-designed network diagram. Labelled with IP addresses. A clear description of the approach taken for thedesign (may use bullet points for this). Well-designed topology diagram with simulatingsoftware. Network devices and appropriate command for theconfiguration should be detailed for implementationpurposes. It would be best to have Comments for the commands used forconfiguration. For example, the following Hardware requirements with the specification withcosts Name of the network device withmanufacturer’s name, series, model and Cost specification of the hardware should beincluded. Human resources cost need to be included on anhourly basis. Timeline for the completion of the should bedetailed.
MN621 Advanced Network Design Trimester 2, 2019 P a g e | 4Prepared by: Dr Sanjeeb Shrestha & A/Prof Savitri Bevinakoppa Moderated by: Dr Ammar Alazab July, 2019Demonstration
Work progressioncheck
Work progression record and consultation will be on week 5and 6 by the lab tutor. Allocated marks to be awardedaccordingly.
Packet tracer demo
Demonstration of the network design in packet tracer onweek 7.
Total Marks
Marking RubricsThe details about the rubric are as follows:
HD80% andabove
D70 – 79%
CR60 – 69%
P50 – 59%
Project scopeandrequirements(5)
Concise andspecific to theproject
Topicsrelevant andsoundlyanalysed
Generallyrelevant andanalysed
Somerelevance andbrieflypresented
Not relevantto theassignmenttopic
Networkdesign andjustification(10)
Demonstratedexcellentability to thinkcritically andsourcedreferencematerialappropriately
Demonstratedexcellentability to thinkcritically butdid not sourcematerialappropriately
Demonstratedan averageability to thinkcritically andsourcedreferencematerialappropriately
Demonstratedan averageability to thinkcritically butdid notsourcedreferencematerialappropriately
Did notdemonstratethe ability tothink criticallyand did notsourcedreferencematerialappropriately
Networktopologydiagram andimplementation(10)
All elementsare presentand very wellintegrated
Componentspresent withgoodcohesion
Componentspresented andmostly wellintegrated
Mostcomponentspresent andan averageintegration
Lackscomponentsand notintegratedwell
Timeline andBudgetestimation(5)
Excellentdescriptionandjustificationand wellbudgeted
Excellentdescriptionandjustificationand butpoorlybudgeted
Gooddescriptionandjustificationand wellbudgeted
Gooddescriptionandjustificationbut no wellbudgeted
Excellentcomprehension and precise
Excellentcomprehension and butfuzzy
Averagecomprehension and butclear
Averagecomprehension and butfuzzy
Not wellcomprehended and fuzzy
MN621 Advanced Network Design Trimester 2, 2019 P a g e | 5Prepared by: Dr Sanjeeb Shrestha & A/Prof Savitri Bevinakoppa Moderated by: Dr Ammar Alazab July, 2019
IEEE Referencestyle(2)
Clear styleswith anexcellentsource ofreferences
Lacksconsistencywith manyerrors
Demonstration (Workprogressioncheck (10)) and (Packettracer demo(10))
Logic is clearand easy tofollow withstrongarguments
Consistentlogic andconvincing
Mostlyconsistentlogic andconvincing
Adequatecohesion andconviction
The argumentis confusedand disjointed

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