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Part A: Proposal Individual (500 words)Instructions:Identify a local or global organisation that is currently facing significant issues and critically analyse how a Systems approach can assist in making optimal decisions. For example:
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• You are working as operations manager in a company of your choice. This company has been in business for almost 10 years and is now being confronted with many operational issues related to inventory . Sometimes there is excess stock and other times shortage of the inventory that are hearting the bottom line performance of the company. In addition to that new competitors and demand from customers to deliver faster and cheaper require organization a different approach rather than just solving the inventory problems. Or• You are working in XYZ bank in your home country that has been struggling with significant loss of customers to competitors. To overcome the problem, the bank has introduced an incentive for its employees to bring in new customers.Once you have chosen your organisation and connected issue you are then required to prepare and post in the Assessment 1 Discussion Forum at least one (1) original post identifying intended or unintended consequences on various stakeholders of their chosen organisation and then recommend/propose alternative policies/procedures using Systems Thinking approach to help overcome the problem. Key points to consider in your initial post:• Your proposal should be holistic• You must include reference to Systems Thinking literature• Consider using Systems Thinking tools such as Rich Picture and CATWOE etc.Students are also required to provide a brief rationale of why it is important to use Systems Thinking and relevant tools and techniques to solve the identified organisational problem to minimise adverse consequences.Part B: Critique Individual (250 words)Instructions:Each student is required to critique an original post (Part A) of two (2) peers. Your Critique should include commentary on• Whether the original post is holistic. Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback.• Have all plausible consequences been identified?• Have Systems Thinking tools been used and used properly? Please provide a critique on these tools and there use in solving the problem identified.Please ensure your critique posts are in the discussion forum by the end of Module 3 (week 5)

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