LAW OF ASSIGNMENTTERM22019Due date:Week 7-Wednesday 4th September2019Weighting:40%-80 marks in total availableLength:2500 –3000 wordsSubmission:Online via MoodleFormat:One file in .doc or .docx (MS Word) formatObjectivesThis assessment item relates to learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3 as stated in the course profile.DetailsThis assignment is to be submitted in English in one (1) Word document only. This assignment is to be submitted online via Moodle by the due date stated. It is suggested that where necessary you put your calculations into columns or tables to improve readability in the assignment document The method of referencing to be used in this assignment is the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) 4rd Edition referencing method. Additional information regarding this method is available through the library and the Academic Learning Centre. When making a reference, cite the original source or authority in preference to a secondary source such as the textbook, especially when you are discussing various sections of legislation. This means you should makereferencesto legislation, cases and Tax Rulings as a priority to back up any arguments that you make in your assignment.Extensions policyThe university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds. Any extension application should be made before the due date for submission. Medical conditions should be supported by a medical certificate, and, since students are expected to start the assignment early, temporary or last-minute conditions are usually not grounds for an extension. Professionals are expected to manage their time to meet their obligations, so work or personal commitments are insufficient grounds for an extension.PlagiarismThe university’s plagiarism policy will also be strictly enforced. If plagiarism is found, a minimum penalty is likely to be zero marks for the assignment. This assignment is the only assignment for this course, and it carries a weighting of 40% of the total assessment for the course. While the assignment islargely based on material covered, you are free to research and seek advice as widely as you find necessary –there are no limitations as to sources. However, you must make sure that sources are appropriately referenced.

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