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( 1): Task is due on the date specified by your trainer. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your trainer.Instruction:• To be prepared on an individual basis.• answer needs to be typed• You must provide detailed answer for every question along with relevant examples• Word limit 150-200 but answer for every question should be reasonable and addressed all required parts.Please answer all questions:Question 1In the case of a vacant position, the first Question for an organisation is to determine whether the vacant position really needs to be filled. If the organisation is large, such a process will usually be carried out by a human resources manager in consultation with the managing director. If small, the Question will usually be done by the managing director or their nominee.a. Describe how a human resources manager will assess and determine whether a vacant position needs to be filled.b. Why is it important to clarify recruitment timelines?Question 2:a. Explain what a job analysis is.b. Describe five key factors that need to be considered when conducting a job analysis.Question 3Consultation is required to develop and prepare both a job analysis and a job description. Identify & explain at least three office holders within an organisation that a human resources manager may consult in developing either a job analysis or a job description.Question 4List and describe three Australian laws or codes that play a part in the recruitment and selection process.Question 5a. Explain how the short listing process of job applicants works.b. Describe two documents that can be used to shortlist applicants.Question 6a. Explain the importance of reference checking in the recruitment process.b. Who should conduct reference checks on job applicants?Question 7Explain what an industrial award is and why a human resources manager should be aware of this document.Question 8Describe what a selection report is and how it should be used in the recruitment process.Question 9On completion of the selection process, a human resources manager will have a number of documents. These may include: a job description, application forms, resumes, an interview schedule with answers, personality tests and referee checks.Explain what legislation would dictate how you handle these documents now that you are finished with them?Question 10List and describe five things that a successful candidate should be told by H.R. during the induction and contracting process. Outcome? Satisfactory ? UnsatisfactoryComments:Trainer’s signature _____________________________ Date ______________________Student Signature: ______________________________ Date ______________________

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