its an argument work up to just one page no more without introduction and conclusion about impact of…

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its an work up to just one page no more and of china and US trade war on global economy OR artificial intelligence on future workplace you can chose one of those two topics ,its based on previous assignment.The previous work has submitted in wrong title so as this argument based on the previous work and was in wrong title this argument should be fixed to be about these two topics ive mentioned them earlier. you can chose any of those two topics you will find it close to the previous work as its based on it and related to the annotated bibliography has been used. i hope you get what im after and all clear i will submit the brief( to follow it) and the previous work to make things more clear for you.i need this argument to be really in excellent level to fix the first bad job has been done please.AS SESSMENT 1B BRIEFSubject Code and Title MGT502 Business CommunicationAssessment Part B: Forming an ArgumentIndividual/Group IndividualLength Up to a pageLearning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes:a) Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level of study and observe academic referencing requirementsb) Critically analyse texts and/or multimedia material in both a business and academic contextc) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environmentSubmission 12 Week Delivery: Due by 11:55 pm AEDT Friday of Module4.1 (week 7)Intensive class: Due by 11:55 pm AEDT Sunday of Module 4.1 (week 4)Weighting 20 %Total Marks 20 marksContextThis assessment has been prescribed to appraise students’ ability to think critically and form an argument supported by evidence. The assessment allows students to demonstrate their ability to understand the material they’re using and to apply it in ways that go beyond what has been read.This assessment has been designed to:• Appraise students’ ability to critically evaluate academic and other research to form an argument on an organisational topic that is supported by evidence.• Enhance students’ writing skills so they are able to form persuasive and convincing arguments and communicate them effectively.• The resources used in Assessment 1A Annotated Bibliography are expected to be utilised in this assessment to support the argument.InstructionsIn this assessment, you will form an argument to express a point of view and support it with evidence. The issue and supporting evidence for your argument should be based on the materials used in Assessment 1A – Annotated Bibliography.When choosing a claim for the argument, consider the following:• Use the annotated bibliography material from Assessment 1A for sourcing evidence and ideas for your argument.• Review the resources critically and select at least 5 to be used as references in this assessment.• Write an argument (up to a page) considering the following:o a good argument is convincing whereby the premises are acceptable, the supporting evidence is relevant to the claim and provides sufficient grounds for acceptance of the claimo make a clear point and justify it o write in an essay form with a logical structure1. A short introduction with a claim.2. Main body with a logical structure including supporting evidence from academic sources.3. A concise conclusion which restates your claim and summarises your argument.o indicate logical connections and use connecting words• Please include a title page and a reference list using APA 6th style on a separate page.Students are responsible for:• Staying within the word limit• Keeping drafts and backups of their assignment• Submitting the assignment via Blackboard by the due date• Ensuring their assignment is written and submitted while observing and committing to the Academic Integrity policyPlease note that if you require an extension for this assignment, you must apply using the university application form and provide verifiable evidence of extenuating circumstances before the due date and include your most recent draft. Please also treat the prescribed word limit as a limit not to be breached. Referencing:It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here Instructions:Submit your assignment in Assessment 1B – Forming an Argument submission link in the main navigation menu in MGT502 Business Communication by 11:55 pm AEST.A rubric will be attached to the assessment. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Marking Rubric:Your assessment will be marked against the rubric shown on the next two pages. Please ensure that your submission addresses all three of the Assessment Attributes in the rubric.Assessment RubricAssessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) 0-49% Pass(Functional)50-64% Credit(Proficient) 65-74% Distinction(Advanced)75 -84% High Distinction(Exceptional)85-100%Evaluation of information selected tosupport the argumentPercentage for this criterion50 %Limited understanding of key concepts required tosupport the argumentConfuses logic and emotion. Information taken from reliable sources but a coherent analysis or synthesis.Resembles a recall or summary of key ideas.Personal opinion reflection, expert judgment or rigor, unsubstantiated byevidence from the research/course materials.Supports personal opinion and information substantiated by evidence from the research/course materials.Demonstrates a capacity to apply and justify the use of relevant concepts.Discriminates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from the research/course materials and extended reading.Well demonstrated capacity apply and justify relevant concepts.Analysis and evaluation reflect growing judgement, intellectual independence, rigor and adaptability.Systematically and critically discriminates between assertion of personal opinion and information substantiated by robust evidence from the research/course materials and extended reading.Information is taken from sources with a high level of interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive critical analysis or synthesis.Exhibits intellectual independence, rigor, good judgement and adaptability.EffectiveCommunicationPercentage for this criterion25 %Difficult to understand for audience, no logical/clear structure, poor flow of ideas, argument lacks supporting evidence.Audience cannot follow the line of reasoning.Information, arguments and evidence are presented in a way that is not always clear and logical.Line of reasoning is often difficult to follow.Information, arguments and evidence are well presented, mostly clear flow of ideas and arguments.Line of reasoning is easy to follow.Information, arguments and evidence are very well presented; the presentation is logical, clear and well supported by evidence.Argument is convincing and persuasive.Expertly presented; the presentation is logical, persuasive, and well supported by evidence, demonstrating a clear flow of ideas.Engages and sustains audience’s interest in the topic and demonstrates aMGT502_Assessment_1B_Brief_Forming an Argument_Module 4.1 Page 4 of 5persuasive and convincing argumentation.Correct citation of key resources and evidencePercentage for this criterion25 %Demonstrates inconsistent use of good quality, credible and relevant resources to support and develop ideasDemonstrates use of credible and relevant resources to support and develop ideas, but these are not always explicit or well developed.Demonstrates use of credible resources to support and develop ideas.Demonstrates use of good quality, credible and relevant resources to support and develop arguments and statements.Show evidence of wide scope within the organisation for sourcing evidence.Demonstrates use of highquality, credible and relevant resources to support and develop arguments and position statements.Shows evidence of wide scope within and the organisation for sourcing evidence.MGT502_Assessment_1B_Brief_Forming an Argument_Module 4.1 Page 5 of 5

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