Introduction To Business Information Systems

The purpose of this assessment task is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the impact that processes, competing and/or complementary technologies and have on an organisation. You will create a report and spreadsheet for a fictitious company Combined Milk Products Pty Ltd. This assessment task will be the first report of two that you will complete throughout this unit. Assessment details The report and spreadsheet will be based on this case study: report and structure In order to understand CMP better and to improve processes, Michael has asked you to submit a report with the following information: ï‚· An executive summary [not included in word count]. ï‚· A table of contents [not included in word count]. ï‚· . Combined Milk Products Pty Ltd (CMP) Combined Milk Products Pty. Ltd. (CMP) was founded in 1963 in Cranbourne, Victoria by Peter Frost, a former East Gippsland farmer. From humble beginnings as a milk processor for the local dairy farmers, the company has grown into a multi-million dollar mixed-product firm with a strong penetration in the Australian market, and a developing export business. Not only is a large range of milk produced now (whole milk, reduced fat, skinny, flavoured etc.), but also butter, cheese, yoghurt, and dried milk. Every morning, a fleet of spotless stainless steel CMP tankers leaves the factory to collect the whole milk from selected farms in the area. When the tankers return, the thousands of litres of milk is pasteurised and homogenised, after which the milk is either packaged or undergoes further processing to become skinny milk, butter, cheese, etc. A second fleet of refrigerated trucks then delivers the product to major distributors around Australia. The factory office workers keep details on farmers, product manufacture, and distributors. The sales team keep records of sales data (refer section on Sales Data). Recently a new general manager, Michael Johnson, took over the reins from Peter Frost who retired.

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