Instructions: Original responses to the forum questions each week need to be substantial (350-500…

More Details: : to the each week need to be (350-500 words per question) and significantly supported by at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. The citation and references are required to be in APA 6th edition format. Sources used for studies or statistical information should be less than 10 years old. Direct quoting should be limited.  Interpretation in your own words is expected.                       1)   Describe what exigent circumstances mean and at least 2 examples of when this could apply.  2)     Find a Florida state supreme court case involving exigent circumstances. Summarize the case and whether or not the state ruled in favor of the police or the defendant. Provide the link to the website.   3)     If the case was further appealed to the US Supreme Court summarize the Court’s decision. Provide the link to the website.

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