Identify the development of modern state system

You are a traveler from another planet who has stumbled upon the wonderful planet Earth. Looking at the global interactions in the current era, you wonder how this developed. As an intelligence gatherer from your own planetary ,
you wish to document the of the international system and the rise of the nation-. You tap into the electronic information system currently on earth to find information on the state system. It is your task to and detail the main points in the development of the state system for those on your own planet far off in the galaxy. It is hoped that your information will aid in developing similar processes on other planets
. You are expected to detail the main points of the modern state system development, and the historians on your planet are certain to be interested in specific examples from planet Earth’s past. It is important that you provide the historians with the sources and methodology you used in recovering this data, so if necessary, they can further investigate your findings. You must find good, reliable sources, detail how you know these sources are reliable, list the key terms you used in your search, and cite your sources for the historians. You know that the historians on your planet will want a well rounded review, so you will look for at least three unique sources for your information.

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