Gang violence and border security

Write an essay on gang and
Write an essay on the following topics:
Gang violence
Border security
30 million uninsured Americans
The collapse of the housing market
The crisis of American education
The college football playoff system (BCS vs. playoffs)
Increasing use of medical marijuana
Low turnout of American voters
Once you have decided on your topic, formulate a research question to narrow it. Ask yourself: what is the specific problem you will be writing about, and what is the solution to that problem? Performing research will help you to narrow your topic and find outside sources that will support your proposed solution. For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of the outside sources that you find.What is an annotated bibliography?
An annotated bibliography is a brief list of the sources you plan to use in your research paper. This list is presented in APA format. You will present the source and then include a paragraph that explains what it is about, how it relates to your topic, and why it is important to your paper.
To create your annotated bibliography, complete the following:
1. Locate, review and select 5-7 sources, 4 of which must be from the CTU Library.
2. Create an APA-formatted reference list of these sources.
3. Write 1 paragraph for each source, describing the source, how it relates to your topic, and how it will help you write your paper.
4. Cite your sources in-text as you refer to them in your paragraph descriptions.

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