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Question 2
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If a firm on and thus has accounts payable, its cash conversion cycle will be:
Question 3
Deposits placed in foreign banks that remain denominated in U.S. dollars are called:
Question 4
Calculation of a firm’s average collection period is the same as calculating the:
Question 5
___________ are short-term money market investments that are extremely safe and liquid; they can be quickly converted into cash at values very close to their intrinsic values.
Question 6
A negative cash conversion cycle indicates that the
Question 7
The key input to the short-run financial planning process that is easiest to estimate is
Question 8
One type of investment that would not be suitable for marketable securities would be:
Question 9
Holding all other factors constant, if a firm increases its current liabilities relative to total assets,
Question 10
The portion of current assets financed through long-term financing is referred to as the:
Question 11
Commercial paper dealers:
Question 12
Firms who wish to obtain short-term secured loans generally have two major current assets available as collateral in the form of:
Question 13
A revolving credit agreement is a:
Question 14
Permanent current assets are:
Question 15
A short-term promissory note sold by high-credit-quality corporations and is backed solely by the credit quality of the issuer is called:
Question 16
Commercial finance companies:
Question 17
The cost of trade credit involving cash discounts as a form of short-term financing is:
Question 18
The purchaser may deduct 2% from the purchase price if payment is made within 10 days; but if not paid within 10 days, the net amount of the purchase is due within 30 days. The sale is made on what terms?
Question 19
Commercial paper issued by large U.S. corporations is backed by:
Question 20
The most important reason for directly issuing or using commercial paper dealers is:

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