financing of National Wembley Stadium project

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The assignment requires you to conduct research on the of . The must be funded through financing (creation of special purpose vehicle).
You are then required to write a report critically analysing and evaluating the financing of the project covering the following issues:
– Background to the project– Raising of finance and financial risk management– Cost control and financial performance– Recommendations and financial lessons learnt from your analysis
The report should include the following sections.
– Executive summary: This part provides an overview of the report. It does not necessarily give detailed information, but indicate the type of information (including key findings and conclusion) contained in the report. It should be between 150-200 words, and should be written after the whole report has been completed, so that you know exactly what you are summarising.
– Introduction: You should demonstrate your understanding of the report by indicating the background, context and reasons for this report. You should also tell your readers about the basic structure of your report.
– Main body: This is your substance of the report. You should find suitable headings and sub-headings for this section. Do NOT call it ‘main body’! You should analyse the project company’s financial information. Based on your analysis, you are then required to provide recommendations to managers and investors.
– Conclusion: You should draw out the implications of your findings (without the details of analysis covered in the main body).
– Appendix: You should attach the suitable supporting information for your report in this section.
Table of content should be writing in this format.Executive summaryIntroduction (including project background)Project finance structure– Source of funds– Risk management– cost control– financial performanceRecommendations based on analysis

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