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Questions:1.    Do you think Gita Proudman handled the situation of the dying child appropriately? Was she following the CNO’s Ethics practice standards? Could the situation be handled any differently? Use evidenced based practices to guide your claims.2.    In terms of the nurse-client relationship, did Gita breach these conditions? Did she cross the line by taking the dying child into an isolated room? Use evidence based practice and critical thinking to explain you answer.You are required to make two posts. The first post should be an answer to one of the above questions. The second post should be a comment addressing one of your peers’ postsDevelop three (3) multiple choice questions for the Frank Jura scenario. And tell the answers as well. Complete these questions prior to class, as outlined in the timeline. Please ensure the correct formatting is used to make the questions. Refer to module 1& 2 for guidelines.When creating your M/C questions, generate a mix of questions, underpinned by the following themes that will be examined on the CPNRE.  These include:1.Professional, ethical, and legal practice2.Foundation of practice3.Collaborative practice

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