economic and analytical skills in planning

Assessment Details: This assessment is designed to assess your technical, financial, and in , evaluating and implementing a project effectively and efficiently. This is an individual assessment where students need to prepare a project feasibility report in real world dynamics and prepare and present the report as if it is prepared for the financial organisation to acquire long term finance.
Assume that you are a first generation entrepreneur or a businessman want start or expand your business with this new venture. Alternatively, you can think that you are a consultant and you have been hired by a contractor wishing to prepare and submit an economical and financial analysis report of the expansion project for bank to get long term finance. You should prepare a financial report that focuses on economic & financial feasibility of the project. The following information should be included in the project:
Title Page (Contains topic, company or industry name; )
2. Introduction
3. Organisation Profile
4. Product/services profile
5. Objective and scope of the project
6. Business Model 7. Option analysis
8. Market feasibility
9. Financial feasibility
10. Marketing model
11. Project Analysis and risk managemen
t 12. Finding and Conclusion
Economical and financial analysis for the creation of a web application that helps the people to create vacation plans. It will be an intermediary actor between local agencies in the chosen destination and turists

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