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Do you consider your view of the world to be positivitistic or postpositivistic? How might your feelings about positivism affect your approach to instructional design? 1 page paper at least. Due date – September 3rd2019
Why is it important for instructional designers to understand different perspectives on how people think? Which theorists views below best aligns with your view of learning and instructional design and why? Provide an example of how the theorists work you select is reflected in learning today. The theorists to choose from are Robert Tennyson, Charles Reigeluth, Susan Land, and David Jonasson. 1 page paper at least. Due date – September 5th2019
Evaluation does not take place only at the end of instruction/training to evaluate the learner.  It also includes assessing the instructional design process. You will develop assessments of the instructional design process used to create your lesson as well as the evaluations of the learners who complete your lesson or training.  Both include formative and summative evaluations.  What information can formative and summative evaluations provide to improve the instructional design process? What is learner evaluation? How do you determine if learner evaluation has been successful?  Again,  you are asked to discuss both learner evaluation (summative and formative) and the evaluation of the instructional design process (summative and formative). Chapters 9-10 are useful resources for completing your research to answer these questions. 2 page paper at least. Due date – September 7th2019.

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