CSB012 Introduction to Medical Radiations

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There are two elements to this item1. Using library to research the use of reflection by health professionals in particular medical imaging technologists/radiographers.This is written in essay form and includes references to evidence found in journal articles and literature. This task will enable you to demonstrate yourability to provide evidence about appropriate professional practice and to communicate this information in a suitable written format.The rubric for assessing this part of the task show a mark out of 15 which is converted to a maximum of 15 % for this assessment toward your final grade.2. Reflecting on your choice of career/courseThis is a personal reflection on your initial reasons for choosing medical imaging, and your views now that you have had some time to become more familiarwith the career. You should think about what you have learned, how you have learned it so far and the connection between this new knowledge and yourprior knowledge/experiences. It is about your ability to reflect on the past and present so there is no right or wrong answer as such, just the way in whichyou have considered and expressed yourself. Hence the rubric is quite simple.

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