Coursework Brief

BriefYour is to consider the issues that need thinking about when outsourcing parts of a business, and developing new information systems, that is implied and stated within the scenario.You are to produce a report which explains your step by step approach to the entire outsourcing project. Explain the rationale behind each aspect of your approach.You should take account of the organisational behaviour that is described in the scenario and how you think this will impact any move to outsource parts of the business. Recommendations for changing the organisational behaviour model should be discussed.As part of your report, you must describe any assumptions that you have made and outline any additional information that you would like to have to help you in your thought processes.Assessment Criteria:Marks will be awarded as follows:IssuesDescribe the key issues that need to be addressed if Precision Electronics are to remain a viable business Max 20 marksApproachYour step by step approach to the Outsourcing of different parts of the business Max 35 marksApproachWrite out 5 questions that will be important in an “invitation to tender” document and explain why, in this scenario, you regard them as so. Max 10 marksOrganisational BehaviourYour thoughts about the current management style and how it will need to be modified to maximise the success of a new business model as you have described above Max 20 marksDiscussion and AssumptionsDiscussion of assumptions, what additional information that you feel you need Max 10 marksQuality of written workReadability, language and style of report Max 5 marks

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