Conceptual Design

In this group assessment, you are required to write a ~2000 word report that critically analyses the phase of a systems engineering project. The case study can be from any application area, such as public transportation (e.g. light railway), power generation (e.g. Snowy Hydro 2.0) or bridges (both large and small). However, choose your case study carefully and ensure that there is enough material available so that you can satisfy the assessment criteria. The report is to analyse the stakeholder needs that gave rise to the project, the transformation of these needs into requirements and the alternatives that were (or could have been) considered. Note that the output of conceptual is the systems requirements specification, which details what the system is to do and not what was ultimately built.

For those of you who are repeating the unit, the case study that you choose must be different to the one that you did previously. Also note that there is to be one submission only per group.

The assessment criteria are as follows:

Introduction (5 Marks)
Stakeholder needs (10 Marks)
Conceptual design process (20 Marks)
System requirements (5 marks)
Conclusion (5 marks)
Research skills (10 marks)
Layout and presentation (5 Marks)
The weighting of the assignment is 30%. I expect that the report will consist of 5 sections corresponding to criteria 1-5. In terms of research skills what is being assessed is to synthesise multiple resources into a coherent and balanced story. In this regard, you will need to have multiple references, but no minimum number is specified. Harvard referencing is to be used.

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