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More Details: a 1000 on hole. to be free! The book the study conducted by a scientist Jim Al-Khalili on the various theories that have presented by Einstein. Black holes are a part of the universe and space and Einstein have presented a number of theories regarding this concept. And the scientist earlier mentioned have studied in detail all these theories and have presented several different new discoveries which he discovered during this study. Universe, time and space are all directly related to the concept of the black hole and have direct relations with the existence and non-existence of black holes. The scientist has presented that certain theories presented by Einstein like the theory of relativity are not completely applicable to the concept of the black hole. On the other hand, scientists like Einstein himself believes that the theories are true and in working condition. The book was a great source of information and provided with great deals of information and the book contained certain information which could not be found in other relevant books. Through the studying of the book, it can be concluded that the book is written after the great research and through study. This is a dissertation that has been written purely on the concept of black holes, the controversies that have been presented on the concept of black holes. Many theories have been presented regarding the concept of black holes and as a result, a number of contradictions have been presented on the topic of the black hole. &nbsp.

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