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Assignment 2 — Android Mobile application
Drone view Data Entry Pages
The company has decided that it needs to collect the latitude and longitude of the drones’s position when drone data is entered. This means you will have to determine the location and add this data (latitude, longitude) to the database. The decision is made that when a user presses the Save Log Entry button on the droneLogs page the latitude and longitude should be added to the drone logs class and that the database handler will have to also save this to the database. This means that a new SQLLiteDatabse needs to be created.
Show Log Entries Pages
These pages are unchanged from assignment 1 other than showing the latitude and longitude as well as time, see figure 1.
Options Menu pages
Drone data entry page (fragment)
The Options Menu options is unchanged from assignment 1 except for the Send all entries option.
The Send all entries will be used for sending the drone database to the employer and to clear the current database of any entries. If the OK button is pressed the AsyncTask class is used to send the email asynchronously in a AsyncTask class.
An email message is composed containing each drone’ log entries during the async event using an Intent object and the built-in Mail app. The username given in the profile fragment is to be contained on the first line of the email. Each Drone logger entry is put on its own line in the email, see Fig. 2. When the email is sent the app returns to the list screen.
Fig. 2: email programmatically entered using Intent
When the email is sent all the Drone logger database entries are deleted as is the local store on the phone for the app. To test this feature send the email to yourself. Include a copy of any such emails in the documents you submit for the assignment.
Profile page
The Profile fragment is unchanged from assignment 1.
Other Features
These are unchanged from assignment 1.
Required Documentation
You are also to prepare a Word document. Your document should include an appropriate title page. Your document should have sections that address plan for testing the mobile application, sending your app data and the financial case and application commentary.
Plan for a Testing Strategy for your App
Your document should:
• Create and review a list of mobile devices, and versions of Android targeted by the app.
• Discuss whether testing is required on actual devices and what part emulators/simulators can play in this process
• Document functional and UI testing of the app.
Sending your App data
In the assignment the drone data is sent contained in an email. Discuss how you would use SMS messaging to achieve the same thing.
 Give advantages/disadvantages for both approaches.
Financial Case & Application Commentary
Your document should:
• List the features you successfully implemented and those you were unable to successfully implement; you should describe the problem in a few sentences and also briefly describe anything you attempted to do to get it to work. Your approach to identifying and attempting to fix these bugs may gain you some partial credit for those features you were unable to implement.
• A description of any additional functionality you believe would be useful to add to this Website should be included. Explain what the features are and how they would help to improve the Website.
• Are there any ethical considerations in making this kind of service available?
• Discuss the economic/financial case for an extension of the proposed system that would allow you to customise the record keeping features of the app. Identify potential revenue streams and costs. How much would these costs be for your proposed user base? How would you show that you are achieving this user base? Given how long it has taken you to develop what do you estimate technical development costs to be in hours? How would you promote your app and what kind of marketing should be employed?

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