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IntroductionThe purpose of these guidelines is to outline the process that you should follow in the event you decide to perform a workplace or industry sponsored project in lieu to the unit capstone project. You should use these guidelines in conjunction with all material published at the unit Moodle web site. The guidelines are generic so for more specific scaffolding, you should approach directly the project mentor or teacher. This might be the case, for instance, the discussion of a project requirement, as result of a constraint or limitation at your workplace.Description of the processBefore starting any workplace project in lieu to the unit capstone protect, you should get an approval from your line manager. Then, you must express your interest (EOI) by sending an email to the project mentor or teacher. You should send the EOI by close of business Friday Week 1, or preferably before the semester starts.In the EOI, you should provide a brief description of the workplace project, your responsibility and contribution to the project; and most importantly, how you believe your workplace project is good enough to meet the learning objectives of the unit. In other words, you need to demonstrate that the learning outcomes achieved in doing the workplace project, are consistent with the learning outcomes articulated in the unit profile.Your mentor will carefully study your EOI and make a decision by early Week 2. If your application is approved, the mentor will respond back to you with comments and suggestions that might improve the outcomes of your workplace project. If you are happy with those suggestions, then you should approach your line manager to get a final approval and formalise the workplace project.Based on your contribution to the workplace project, the mentor will develop both a marking guideline sheet and template for your final project report assignment. The progress reports, project plan, ePortfolio, and presentation assignments will be slightly modified to reflect your individual work.
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