Choose 1 of the following questions to answer: 1. In tourism individuals have opportunity to…

More Details: School of Social Sciences and PsychologyUnit Name: in Society 101598Assessment Details: Essay1500 wordsChoose 1 of the to :1. In tourism have to experience that which is different and to live, momentarily at least, extraordinary lives. Do you agree? Why/why not?2. In its advertising material, small-group tour provider Intrepid claims that: ’More than just the usual attractions: you’ll discover the real world with Intrepid’. How are tourist attractions created and is it really possible to move beyond them to discover the ’real’ world when travelling?3. Sight is the most important of the senses when it comes to experiencing tourism and photography is an indispensable part of any holiday. Do you agree? Why/why not?4. What role does tourism play in everyday life? How might tourism help individuals transition from one life stage to another?In addressing their chosen essay topic students should strive to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes associated with this task. These are, to be able to:– Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in tourism studies– Explain the relationship between tourism and contemporary society– Examine the tourist experience and/or tourist behaviours and motives from a social sciences perspectiveThis means that in answering the questions above, students should ensure that they draw on the academic literature relevant to each topic and provide a considered, informed and well justified response.As this task is also designed to assist students in developing their skills in written expression, argument construction, research and academic writing, students should ensure that:– They follow the academic protocols for essay writing.– They refer to AT LEAST 5 academic sources that support their argument. AT LEAST 2 of these readings should fall outside the scope of the set readings.– Their essays are logically structured, coherent and free of spelling and grammatical errors.– Their essays are correctly referenced and free from plagiarism.Full assessment details in the learning guide and pictures attached. Please read the question and requirements properlyAlso attached are some reading materials

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