Checklist for thesis/report submission

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Spelling and grammar have been checked.

Title page has been prepared properly.

Table of content, lists of tables and figures have been updated.

Abstract is no more than 300 words.

The nomenclature section (if any) includes definitions of all symbols and abbreviations

All chapters, sections and subsections are numbered.

All figures, tables and equations are numbered and are introduced/explained/discussed in the text body.

Figure captions are at bottom of the figures and table captions are at the top of the tables.

All cross references match the intended targets or sources.

The full term is given before the first appearance any abbreviation.

The definition of any symbol is given at its first appearance in the text.

Reference style is consistent and conforming to the requirement of the selected style.

All referenced items are included in the reference list.

The document has been proof read by yourself or by someone else.

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