BAO5535- Issues in Contemporary Accounting

Please note that this is a group assignmnet is of 4 students, and my part to provide answer for question 1 only with 1000 words
- in – Assignment Semester TRI 2 2019
DUE DATE: Week 8 Seminar
Topic: Institutional Theory and the role of Accountants and Directors.
Marks allocated: (30%): Research report (4000 words), due in Week 8 seminar.
Articles and documents as provided on VU collaborate.
Download the reports and articles from VU collaborate and answer the following questions.
Question 1: Analyse the share price and profit (loss) for the Myer Holdings Ltd for the last three (3) years, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and provide an explanation for the changes.
Question 2: Analyse the Intangibles section contained within the Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) and explain any significant variations in intangible assets across the 3 years.
Question 3: What strategies is the management of Myer Holdings Ltd putting in place to improve its performance? Do you think they will be effective? Why or why not?
Question 4: Applying Institutional and legitimacy theories, examine the role of directors within the context of regulatory authorities and the accounting/auditing function. (as a starting point, read The Age Newspaper articles contained in VU collaborate).
Submission requirement
Assignment submission
Each group consists of no more than three members. Each group consists of no more than three members. For groups has more than three members, permission must be sought in writing from the Unit Coordinator.
Submission of this assignment by due date is compulsory for the successful completion of the subject.
Assignment – The submitted hardcopy of the assignment must be the identical version of the electronic copy submitted through the Dropbox (i.e. Turnitin) on VU Collaborate. Inconsistency between the hardcopy and the electronic copy may result in a zero mark of the assignment.

Note: If you cannot submit your assignment through the Dropbox on VU Collaborate due to technical issue, then email your assignment to your tutor or lecturer no later than the due date.
The Turnitin/Dropbox Similarity Report should be no more than 20%.
Late submission without the extension approval from your local lecturer will be penalised at two marks (out of 30) per calendar day (including weekend).
Completed extension application form must be submitted to your tutor at least three days in advance of the due date.
Students are responsible to protect their work and save data by making necessary backup. Loss of data due to a computer or storage devices problems will not be considered a legitimate reason for an extension.
Referencing and style
The presentation of the response to each question should be clear, concise and accompanied by expository text accessible to the reader
The presentation of the entire assignment should be written in English of an appropriate academic register and of a format and standard of presentation acceptable to business study
Assignment must be typed using Word document, with double alignment, and 2.0-lines space.
Assignment is required to use the Harvard referencing style (see VU library for Referencing Style guides
Assignment without proper referencing (in text and end of text) will be subject to substantial deduction of marks. This may result in the assignment being marked zero.

Preventing plagiarism
3.1 Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism Policy
Plagiarism is defined as ‘The practice that involves use of another person’s intellectual output and presenting it (without appropriate acknowledgement) as one’s own’.
Examples of plagiarism:
Word-for-word copying of sentences/paragraphs in an assignment without acknowledgement or with insufficient or improper acknowledgement;
Downloading essays or assignments from the web and presenting these for assessment;
Presenting another student’s work or research data as the student’s work;
Copying out parts of any text without acknowledging the source(s). This may be written text, structures within texts, diagrams, formulae, sound files, still photographs, audio-visual material (sound and image files), graphics/animations/multimedia objects, other computer-based material, mathematical proofs, art objects, products and others. This can be done as verbatim copying or paraphrasing.
The use of someone else’s concepts, experimental results, experimental conclusions or conclusions drawn from analysing evidence or arguments without acknowledging the originator of the idea(s) or conclusion(s).
3.2 Students are responsible for:
Understanding and respecting the University’s policies and procedures regarding plagiarism, collusion, and other forms of academic misconduct, and as such should only submit work for correction or academic credit that is their own or that properly acknowledges the ideas, interpretations, words or creative works of others;
Avoiding the lending or making accessible original work to others;
Being clear about the appropriate referencing rules that are applicable to their field of study;
Refusing to be a party to another student’s efforts to undermine the academic integrity of the University.
Seeking assistance with their learning and assessment tasks if they are unsure of appropriate forms of acknowledgement.
BAO 5535 Issues in Contemporary Accounting
Assignment Marking Sheet
Student Name :
ID Number

Assessment Criteria
Possible Marks
Marks received
Demonstrates the ability to collect data and conduct analysis for the designated question and analyse share price and profitability data.

Demonstrate the ability to understand the impact of Myer Holdings intangibles on its financial statements (reference to AASB 138 Intangible Assets)

Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate change management policies and strategies.

Demonstrates an understanding of the changing roles and duties of directors within the context of institutional and legitimacy theories.

English expression, structure, coherence, grammar, punctuation and spelling

Weighted marks out of 30%

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