Assignment 2 – Risk Assessment

2 – Risk
Due date: Monday 9th September 2019 Marks: 30%
Word Limit: 1,500 words
Select a discipline that you are interested in from one of; occupational hygiene, environment or engineering.
Discuss the role of risk assessment in achieving better outcomes for a project related to your discipline (eg., workers at a factory and use of cleaning chemicals, management of a particular species or ecosystem, or community members concerned about pollution from a factory).
What processes or tools would need to be incorporated into the risk assessment to ensure that risk assessment results in better decision making – for all stakeholders?
Who are the stakeholders at risk or who may have an interest – in summary, who are they and what their interest is.
Discuss how you would raise identified issues with the stakeholders to ascertain whether the risks were acceptable.
Detail a risk communication strategy to the identified stakeholders.
Wherever possible, use actual “issues” to illustrate your answers. These may be related to international events, but would need to be used in a local context.

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