article “Characterization of HighwayRunoff

(4) The of in Austin, Texas,Area”1gavea scatterplot, along with the regression equation that modeled runoff by rainfall (with units of measurements volumes of waterinm3)foraparticularlocation. Alloutputneededforthisisincludedbelow.
(a) Statethepopulationmodel;identifyallcomponentsofthemodel
(b) Does the relationship between rainfall volume and runoff volume appear to be linear? Describe thescatterplot
(c) Statetheregression equation(withthevaluesfromtheregressionoutput)
(d) Interprettheslopeandintercept incontext.Ifonedoesnotmakelogicalsense,statewhynot.
(e) Using the regression equation, estimate the runoff volume for rainfall amounts of 5, 47, and 127 m3
(f) Calculate the residuals for each estimated value. The observed values of y for x= 5,47,127 are (respectively): y= 4,46,100
(g) Conductatestofsignificancefortheslope(resultsfromRoutput).Listhypotheses,teststatistic,
pvalue, result, and conclusion.
(h) List the values of rand R2(rwill haveto be computed). Interpret both values in context. What dotheytellusaboutthemodel?
(i) Listassumptionsofregression.Checktheassumptions(brieflydescribehoweachassumptionis met ornot).
(j) Overall, what is your assessment of the model. Good, bad? Use results from significance test, r,R2,and assumptionstomakethisassessment.

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