A public ISD elementary school in your neighborhood has received a grant to create a computer lab…

More Details: Computers  in Education
A ISD in your has a to a computer lab with Internet access so that students can learn about computers and related technologies. You need to determine the best configuration for setting up a lab with laptops/desktop computers and peripherals for a class of 18 elementary school students and one teacher. Ipad’s are not within the Budget. The specifics of the Project are:
1. Research whether a Mac or PC is more beneficial
Enumerating pros and cons of your choice of computers,
Pros and Cons of Macs and
Pros and Cons of PC’s.
2. Research the application software that should be installed on these computers appropriate for elementary school students
Details of all the application software giving specific names/titles o how will each software benefit the students
3. Which peripheral devices should be attached to these computers?
How many will be required to set up the computer lab… ex.Printers, Digitalcameras, Mics, Speakers, any learning devices ……
Give technical details of all peripherals suggested. 
4. A class of 18 might have about 3-4 special needs kids. Plan for at least three kinds of special needs requirement (ex Autism, Vision impaired, Hearing disability, ADHD…)
the software required to be purchased for special needs students o the hardware required to be purchased for special needs students
Compile all your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation . Please cover all the points mentioned above in detail. 

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