1. Explain the dual-court system and why we have this type of system in America. Include your…

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the dual- and why we have this type of in . Include your opinion on this type of system.
Describe the structure of the federal court system, including the various types of federal courts.
If you were a defense attorney and were approached by a client you knew was guilty of a horrible murder of a child, would you take his case? Why or why not? What would influence your decision? Is your decision ethical? Explain your answer.
Expert witnesses have special knowledge and skills recognized by the court as relevant to the determination of guilt or innocence. Unlike lay witnesses, expert witnesses may express opinions or draw conclusions in their testimony. Yet, in may cases expert witnesses are called by each side and express vastly different opinions: usually each opinion is in support of whichever side has hired the expert. Explain whether you think expert witnesses can truly be objective due to the fact they are paid by either the defense or the prosecution. Support your answer with research and cite your sources.

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